We specialize in making natural stone look fantastic. Travertine is one area where we have exceptional experience.



Marble is a very rich and beautiful stone, don't trust your marble floors to anyone other than Total Floor Care.


mexi paver

Saltillo (Mexican Pavers) when properly cared floor can be one of the most attractive floor finishes.  We are very experienced at restoring and repairing Saltillo.


Welcome to Total Floor Care

mitchandcrewMitch Schneider and his crew restore all natural stone floors, vanities, and tables. Marble and Travertine floors in Dallas area homes.

We specialize in Refinishing, Polishing, Cleaning, and Sealing of:

Marble ~ Limestone ~ Travertine ~ Granite ~ Slate ~ Flagstone ~Mexican Pavers ~ Terrazzo ~ Brick ~ Tile ~Concrete ~ Stone

If you have a natural stone floor, we can restore it to its original luster, sometimes we can even make it look better than new.

Marble Restoration ~ Limestone Restoration ~ Travertine Restoration ~ Granite Restoration ~ Slate Restoration ~ Flagstone Restoration ~ Mexican Pavers Restoration ~ Terrazzo Restoration ~ Brick Restoration ~ Tile Restoration ~Concrete Restoration ~ Stone Restoration Service.

When you need your Marble Polished and Restored Dallas, call Total Floor Care at (972) 374-7774, or use our CONTACT PAGE to send us an email.